Pre-Registration Rules & Directions

  1. You can only preregister for one event at a time.
  2. Any transponder that says "event scoring" works with our system. When typing in make sure it starts with "E550000"
  3. If you do not have a transponder we will give you one in your packet for $5. (can be used for 2yrs)
  4. If you do not come up to registration to get your packet etc, you will not be able to race. YOU MUST GO TO REGISTRATION FIRST!
  5. All racers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and have a minor release form filled out. (you may print them and fill them out a head of time)
  6. When you come up to the registration box there will be a designated pre-registration line, you will receive a small packet will your number stickers, class stickers , & anything else you will need for the day. 
  7. If you can not attend the event you signed up for, please notify us and your registration will transfer to the next upcoming event. 
  8. When you preregister with us you get $10 with Rocky Mt. ATV/MC's gas program. 

Click here to Pre-register