​Q: Where can I find classes & start times? 

A: All important rider info is now all under "Racer Info" link

Q: How long before my starting time should I be at the start?

​A: We suggest 20-30mins before your start time. You want to make sure you listen to the riders meetings & announcements. 

Q: How late can I register to race? 

A: We allow our riders to get  registered 20mins before their starting time.

Q: Do I have to pre register?

​A: Nope! You can register at the track or online. Its totally up to you! 

Q: How many laps will I do? 

A: Depends! Each division runs as close to their designated times as possible & laps go off of how long it takes the leaders. Example: Adult Bikes - The track can be 7 miles but it takes them 20mins to do a lap. Running as close as possible the leaders will do around 6 laps. 

Q: What safety gear do I need?

A: All riders MUST have the following:

Helmet - Gloves - eye protection (goggles) - Longs sleeves - pants - boots. (Atvs must have a tether cords aka kill switch)

Not mandatory but recommended - chest protector & neck brace. 

Q: What color arrows do I follow?

A: Minis - Black / Youth - Blue / Adult - Red 

They will also go over this at the riders meeting. 

​Q: Do I need an 
AMA card or membership of any kind? 

A: Nope, neither are required!

Q: Do you accept checks or cards?

A: We only accept cash & cards. 

Q: Is camping available if so, how much?

A: All of our properties are currently camping friendly with no additional cost! We just ask no ground fires (use a fire pit) and clean up after yourselves! We have extra garbage bags at registration if you need one!

Q: Is there practice or a parade lap?

A: Only MINI riders have a parade lap. There is NO practice or riding the course before hand. You are allowed to walk or ride your bicycle! 

Q: Does my helmet number have to match my graphics?

​A: No, we understand not everyone can have their numbers at every series. We do reserve numbers at the beginning of the year but beyond that we only go off your helmet numbers. *new stickers can be provided at registration. 

Q: What do I do if my results are wrong?

A: Speak up! If you are in the wrong class or have a questions on something ask us! We would be more than happy to look into the problem & fix it! Racers have 24hrs after a race weekend to dispute results. 

Q: What about trophies? 

A: All of our participating minis get a plaque. Youth & adults - anyone above the "line" our system counts 1 per 3 riders & marks a line on the printed results. So it just depends on how many riders are in your class. 

As for overall, top 3 overall riders will receive one of our custom limited edition trophies! Adults we also now give a trophy to our top amateur overall winner. This is the rider with the best overall finish not in the pro or pro am class. 

Q: Is there an end of the year banquet?

​A: YES! Each year (depending how many points races we have) we take your best finishes & have a banquet for the top 10 riders in each class! For the 2022 season you need to participate in 9 or more races to qualify! 



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