IRONe Demo/Race Rules*: 

1. Helmets will be provided but if you can bring your own that be better.

2. Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

3. Ages 3-7yrs old & must be under 75lbs.

4. When its time to race everyone participating will line up and they will break the kids up into rows where they will take turns.

Weekend Schedule: ​Gates are open from 8am-dark. Registration opens at 8:15am.

Rd. 6 CJ Raceway
Date: August 8th & 9th
Location: Newburg, WV

 Friday- Gates Open 5pm and closes at dark.

Mini Atvs - Parade Lap 9:30am/Race 10am 
Race Length: 20-25mins

Youth Atvs - 11am 
Race Length: 50-60mins
Adult Atvs - 1pm 
Race Length: 1hr & 45mins to 2hrs 
eMTB - 4pm
​Race Length: 45-50mins

Mini Bikes - Parade Lap 9:30am/Race 10am 
Race Length: 20-25mins
Triple S Harley-Davidson IRONe Demos 10am-3pm* (RACE @ 3:30pm)
Youth Bikes - 11am 
Race Length: 50-60mins 
Adult Bikes - 1pm 
Race Length: 2hrs & 10mins to 2hrs & 30mins 

GPS Address::

2273 North Mountaineer Highway, Newburg, WV 26410

(This will be the closest gps address to use.)

**Don't forget to look for arrows & signs!**