Gates 8am - Dark

Registration 8am - 6pm

Mini Atvs 9:00am 

-Race length: 45mins 

Mini Bikes 10:00am

-Race length: 45mins  

Adult/Child Mini Atvs 11am 

-Race length: 30mins

Adult/Child Mini Bikes 11:45am

-Race length: 30mins

Youth Atvs 12:30pm 

-Race length: 1hr & 15mins

Youth Bikes 2pm 

-Race length: 1hr & 15mins 

Stacyc Race 3:30pm 

​​​​​1. Only the top 5 teams of each class will receive plaque. First place teams & first place ironman will receive overall trophies at each event. 

2. Each team member must have their own transponder & their own helmet.

3. Teams may only switch in the designated impound area & MUST BE IN 1ST GEAR. NO EXCEPTIONS 

4. You may use our own machines or share one between team members. 

5. One team member must complete at least 30% of the race. Example: It's a 5 lap race you do 3 laps your buddy must complete 2 laps. 

6. If you or your team member are caught going through ribbon, cutting corners, etc your TEAM will be disqualified. 

7. You will receive arm bands to exchange when switching riders in the impound area. 

8. If you or a team member does NOT have your assigned numbers on from registration on your helmets you will NOT be scored. NO EXCEPTIONS! (each team will have 4 of the same numbers)

9. Points, each team will have points from each round. At the final event the winning teams of each class will be crowned. Points will work: 1st - 1pt, 2nd - 2pts, and 3rd - 3pts. Class teams with least amount of points will win the Triple crown. 

10. At the end of this mini series, the top winning overall adult Atv team & adult Bike team will win $1k.  This means you must complete all three events!

11. You must complete all 3 events to win the class. Pro classes MUST have the same buddy for all 3 races to receive money prize. Amateur classes may switch partners, but only once. (you must have 2 events with the same person.)

​12. Tie breakers, if you and another team tie for the end crown, the team who has the better finish at the final event automatically wins. 

​13. Adult child races - child must be 15 or younger, adult must be 18 or older. *Mommy & Me class will be strictly for moms in the 2022 season.

14. When choosing a class you have to go off of the higher letter class of the buddies. Example:: you run an A class & your buddy runs a B class - you MUST run A!

15. Women's class is specifically forwomen




Gates open at 8am

Registration 8am - 12:45pm 

Adult Atvs 10AM

 - Race length: 2hr minimum 

Adult Bikes 1:00PM 

-Race length: 3hrs 


Gates open 5pm - Dark 

​Registration 5pm - 8pm